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About Me

About Me

Migrating out of southeastern United States to move to Montana all began with one driving desire, to experience living in beauty. Please understand, I was not thinking I'd like to take a vacation to some spectacular destination, get a beauty vaccination that would tide me over until my next visit. 


I wanted to be immersed in beauty day in and day out. I even wrote a book of  poetry, Seeking Beauty on All Sides. 


I yearned to be in a beautiful landscape with endless blue skies and clean sparkling water. 

I was met with skepticism from family, friends, and colleagues when I said such things as, 

“I want to be surrounded by beauty on all sides. That is my heart's desire.”


They would scold me noting that once I found the greener grass on the other side, it wouldn’t be so green.

After years of traveling, I finally found my beauty spot in Bozeman, Montana.


And as for the greener grass west of the Mississippi River. It's true, the grasses of Montana aren’t green,

they are golden.

Work Experience

Work Experience

2014 - Today

Writer & Environmental Consultant

As an author and contributing author of numerous books, articles and presentations, Laurina seeks opportunities to communicate about the natural world. Starting her career as a biologist, she found her greatest impact to protect and preserve the environment has been as an environmental educator. She has extensive experience in this arena, working with a wide variety of audiences including formal educational groups as well as informal educators. She was the lead writer of a large, permanent exhibit at the Wade Bourne Nature Center in Clarksville, Tennessee. The nature center opened on 24 October 2020.

Currently, she is writing a book about birds for children. 

2008 - 2014

Executive Director - Project WET Foundation 

As the national Executive Director for the United States, Laurina provided leadership for over ninety programs nationwide. The mission of Project WET, a Bozeman-based foundation, is to provide leadership and educational materials dedicated to protecting and preserving the waters of North America. Under her tenure, she developed educational materials for national and international distribution, led seminars and webinars on special water topics, initiated discussions on critical water issues such as personal care products, and micro plastics found in drinking water supplies.

2005 - 2008

Visiting Professor - University of the South, Sewanee, TN

As a visiting professor at the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee, Laurina taught undergraduate classes in Environmental Studies, Environmental Education and special topics in Education. She was also the university’s environmental fellow where she led the “Focus Sewanee,” initiative, a campus-wide teach-in about climate change.



Doctorate 2006
The Union Institute

Laurina’s doctoral research centered upon devising methods to re-engage middle and high school students in alternative school settings. Through a three-year, qualitative study in rural western Tennessee, she developed a grounded theory to address the needs of “pushed-out” students by using the natural environment as a central, galvanizing tool.​​

About Me

Writing is my passion. When not writing, I like to hike, botanize, draw, paint, and play the classical guitar. All of these activities have served me well through the COVID pandemic. 

I would love to hear from you. Fill out the form and tell me about how you've stayed sane through COVID. 

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