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Looking for a Sign

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

Have you ever wished that you'd get a sign from the heavens above that you are doing the right thing?

That's exacting where I was at on the autumnal equinox back in 2014.

My good friend, Ingeborge, invited me on a road trip to the Medicine Wheel near Cody, Wyoming.

"Maybe something will show up for you. You never know," she advised.

As we drove the long steep grade towards the Medicine Wheel, I kept hoping she was right.

When we arrived, as I was beginning to walk up the path, I heard her yell, "Stop, look up!"

Hovering in the sky above me was a giant question mark. We both laughed at the irony.

How do I interpret this?

Well, I asked for a sign. And true, I got one.

But I didn't get an answer as to whether I was moving in the right direction with my life and in my career. That is what I should have been seeking all along.

Signs are everywhere once you begin to look for them. But answers are a completely different matter.

Answers require thoughtfulness and quietude. They need your full attention and deliberation. And most importantly, answers arise when you let them.

On that day, the sign I received indicated that I should start asking better questions and begin to listen with a new awareness.

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